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Fees, Charges & Contracts

We are completely upfront with our fees.

All fees, charges and contracts will advised up front and in writing to ensure complete understanding of exactly was is required and when, what contracts you are entering into and your liabilities within them, if there is anything you don't understand, just ask - we like it!

Fees you will be required to pay will be your application fee. This varies for a single person, a couple, sharers or a company. As a guide; single applications are £240 inc VAT, couples £270 inc VAT and company references are £300 inc VAT. We will give you written confirmation of the sum required along with your application pack. The fee is non refundable once the application has been submitted.

Should you need a guarantor to support your tenancy, this will attract a fee of £90 for processing the application. Again this fee is non refundable once the application has been submitted.

Additional administration fees will be incurred during the tenancy in the following instances:

  • Should any remedial works be required to be carried out on your behalf to reinstate the property as per the inventory once you have vacated - £45.00 inc VAT is payable.
  • Should a confirmed appointment be missed to start your tenancy or you are not ready to vacate at the confirmed appointment time - £45.00 inc VAT is payable for each missed appointment.
  • Should an amendment be required to be made to the tenancy during the term - £180 inc VAT is payable.
  • Should an agreement be made to terminate the tenancy early, an early release fee of £354 inc VAT is payable.
  • Attending to provide access in the event of lost or stolen keys - £30 inc VAT

The contract you will be required to sign is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a fixed term. All tenancy agreements will be for a minimum term of six months unless otherwise agreed between yourself and your Landlord.

If you need any further information, we'll be pleased to run through any concerns and point you in the right direction. Give us a call on 01908 760 077 or contact us now at to book your property appraisal and see how refreshing we make letting!